About Us

Hi! Hope you are doing wonderful!

We are Kim and Peeter, co-owners of D'Lux Bath & Body, a couple from the lower mainland that have a passion for all things bath and body and creating wonderful products that are good for you and your skin without any unnecessary ingredients!

Kim has always loved baths and it was a fight at a young age to get out of her bubble baths! 

She started making bath products with her mom when she was a little girl for Christmas presents for friends and family and loved every bit of it.  Her love of baths continued and she fell hard for anything and everything bath and figured she would try her hand at making products again. 

Sadly her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and Kim became her caregiver with Peeter moving in to help but still was too difficult to have time to continue starting a small business. 

Fast forward a couple years, Kim's mother is in long term care and with the incredible support and help of her loving boyfriend they have decided to start D'Lux Bath and Body.  

Peeter has a passion for sales and is very much the voice for D'Lux Bath & Body.  You can't miss him as he walks in a room at a staggering 6'7"!

He unfortunately has severe eczema and we are always trying to perfect products that are proper for his skin and other sensitive skin types. He is a wonderful test subject!

We appreciate your support and hope our products make you and your skin as happy as it makes us to create them!

Kim & Peeter