Made With You In Mind

We are proud to make luxurious skin care products for every skin type, including those with sensitivity to fragrance, available to everyone!

A relaxing bubble bath or invigorating aromatic shower can be an uplifting or relaxing time to start or finish your day!

We carry an array of products to help boost that bit of self care time you take for youself.

Made from Scratch

All of our products are made from scratch from recipies we have formulated over time and tested vigorously, on friends and ourselves, not on animals!

We do not use cosmetic bases for our products.

  • Forget Me Not

    Having been caregivers to a loved one with Alzheimer’s, we know the devastation that this disease can have on those affected and their surrounding friends and family members.

    This is is why we want to give back a bit to help work on a cure and make life a little easier. $2 from every "Forget Me Not" Bath Bomb sold will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society of BC.

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  • Nourishing Beard Oil

    Our beard oil is made with an antioxident and vitamin packed blend of oils with no fillers. This pure blend will nourish your beard and your skin under will thank you as well! We carry a number of different lightly fragranced blends as well as a completely unscented version for those with sensitivities.

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  • Our Amazing Lotion

    Our lotion is made from scratch and is amazingly moisturizing and super abosrobant. We use sunflower oil in our lotion which is amazing for the skin.

    Sunflower oil is a non greasy wonderfully absorbing oil full of amazing benefits and suitable for many skin types! It leaves your pores unclogged, your skin moisturized (which can help prevent wrinkles), offers some sun protection (not to be used in place of an spf sunscreen) and can help heal wounds faster!

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  • Roll On Perfume

    We make our roll on perfumes with a base of coconut oil and the most fragrance we are allowed to give you a product that will last and wont evaporate as it dries like some alcohol based perfumes.

    We have a large variety of scents to satisfy most peoples desires but we are expanding out scent list all the time!

    Don't see the scent you are hoping for? Send us an email and we can try and work something out!

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