Fragrance Descriptions

Black Raspberry Vanilla: a velvety combination of blackberry and raspberry paired with creamy vanilla followed with a vetiver finish

Bourbon & Sandalwood: This blend will captivate your senses with notes of wintergreen, sage, jasmine and lavender over a base of vanilla, cedar wood, patchouli and musk

Black Tie: A seductive combination of sage with Tonka bean and a touch of rich sandalwood

Caribbean Paradise: Tropical notes of guava and tangerine with ripe strawberries

Cherry Lime: Bright refreshing cherry blended with zesty, tart and sweet lime
Pina Colada: Notes of pineapple along with spiced honey and warm vanilla

Citrus Splash: A fresh summer scent featuring grapefruit, orange, tangerine and strawberry, contrasted with plum, black currant, green apple and raspberry vanilla

Caribbean Rum: Top notes of rum, bergamot, and apple blend with heart notes of plum, orange flower and anise finished off with amber, patchouli and tobacco

Cabana Blue: This fragrance blend will transport you to a beach oasis with relaxing notes of geranium, lime and lavender over a base or amber and musk

Cherry Blossom: A year round favourite contains a combination of Fuji apple, plum and pear with middle notes of Japanese cherry blossom, jasmine and lily, finished off with cedar wood, vanilla and musk

Calacas: (lush dupe) This beautiful fragrance is blend of sweet and refreshing lime notes with mid notes of neroli and finally olibanum to finish it off

Hawaiian Paradise: Vibrant plumeria featuring peach, plum, black currant and apple, complimented with night blooming jasmine and honeysuckle blended with vanilla and musk

Love Spell: (Victoria Secret Dupe) A popular Victoria secret dupe, top notes of fruity peach, cherry, strawberry, plum, tangerine with a heart of green fresh herbal basil and lavender with a musky base

Lord of Misrule: (Lush Dupe) Musky patchouli notes start off this fragrance paired with sweet and creamy vanilla absolute to help mellow things down. A tiny kick of pepper to finished things off with a bang.

Mimosa: Our citrus splash blend paired with a champagne fragrance that will leave you bubbly

Monkey Farts: Yummy bananas and grapefruit with hints of kiwi, bubble-gum and strawberries with a touch of vanilla

Sweet Dreams (Lavender x Pink Sugar): Fresh lavender top notes with mid notes of lemon drops, raspberries, lily of the valley and jasmine with a base of vanilla, musk and cotton candy

Strawberry & Cream: Fresh picked berries mellowed with cotton candy and creamy coconut

Tropical/Tropical Passion : A delightful blend of orange, apple and pineapple accompanied with jasmine and lily heart notes, with a base of vanilla and Tonka

Unicorn/Unicorn Dreams: A fruity infusion of berry tea and sweet cotton candy whimsically blended with violet leaf, sweet apricot and a touch of vanilla

Twisted Pumpkin Chai: A rich and creamy fragrance. Delicate balance of warm buttermilk and pumpkin, middle notes of cinnamon, clove and tea, which gives way to a lingering finish of vanilla and graham cracker finished off with a hint of bourbon